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What is QuickBooks Hosting / QuickBooks Cloud Hosting?

Give a Seamless, Secured, and Scalable Advantage to your Accounting Practice

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

QuickBooks Hosting (also referred to as hosted QuickBooks or QuickBooks Cloud Hosting) is a technical installation of licensed copies of Intuit QuickBooks Desktop products on virtual cloud servers to give access to users via a remote desktop. It is the next-gen cloud hosting solution that allows users to quickly and safely streamline their accounting software anytime, anywhere on their desktops with an internet connection.

QuickBooks cloud hosting is a very popular accounting application deployment practice through which multiple users can access company files and account-related data or software from the place of their comfort. It is a viable option that is more compatible, flexible, scalable, and secure and offers the same feel as desktop usage. Now no more need to set up a complex in-house IT infrastructure, save your capital investment and utilize the benefits of cloud server technology.

QuickBooks Hosting Pricing

Check out our straightforward and cheapest QuickBooks Hosting Pricing, start from $27 per user per month. We also offer QuickBooks cloud hosting services on a dedicated server that’s customized to your applications and as your business needs.

What details are required for QuickBooks Hosting

   QuickBooks versions   Quickbooks Premier 2020
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   No Of User  2
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   Product Number 45…58

Advantages of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

Accounting Operations Made Easier, Quicker, and Safer

Remote Access

Save your time, cost, and efforts with remote access offered by QuickBooks cloud hosting. Now improve your productivity by remotely editing, sharing, and using your accounting data and files

Minimize IT Costs

Why invest a large amount in IT setup if you have the option of a pay-as-you-use model. With QuickBooks hosting solutions, you can choose resources and tools as per your needs and pay only for the things you utilized.

High Performance

Cloud hosted QuickBooks offers 99.999% uptime. Your files and data are hosted on dedicated servers so that you don’t need to share your space and resources with any other company. Perform your accounting operations at a fast speed.

Multi-User Access

Experience the freedom of accessing your accounting data, software, and apps in multi-user mode across any corner of the globe. Collaborate with users effectively and perform cross-device operations simultaneously

Top-Level Data Security

QuickBooks cloud hosting is backed by bank-level data security. SAS70 Type II data centers provide a secure cloud environment with superior protection, data encryption, and multi-factor authentication.

Data Backup on Daily Basis

Financial data is very important and executing operations over it in this ‘Cyber-war’ era needs companies to backup data safely. QuickBooks cloud hosting offers automated daily backup and disaster recovery solutions.

How QuickBooks Hosting Works?

A better alternative to QuickBooks Desktop Barriers

The introduction of QuickBooks cloud hosting wiped out all the limitations of QuickBooks desktop model and enhanced the boundaries of QuickBooks solutions. Here is the step-by-step flow of QuickBooks cloud hosting working:

Step 1: Once you purchase a licensed copy of QuickBooks, share the same details with your QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Provider to let them install it on their server.

Step 2: Now you are provided access to the server with proper security, connectivity to your device using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), and customizations are done as per your accounting operations needs.

Step 3: Now you are ready to access QuickBooks via a web browser. Whatever changes you made on cloud-hosted QuickBooks are saved automatically and reflected to the other authorized users.

Which Versions of QuickBooks Do We Host?

Host Your QuickBooks Cloud Versions with Industry Experts

We are the leading Intuit Authorized QuickBooks Solution Provider that offers the best choices for your needs. We host all versions of QuickBooks namely Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Add-ons, and Accountant with US, UK, Australian, and Canadian editions.

QuickBooks Pro Hosting

Powerful accounting software perfectly built for small and mid-sized businesses, CPA firms, and accounting professionals for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

QuickBooks Premier Hosting

Perfect remote-specific software designed for small and medium-sized businesses in the field of manufacturing, retail, wholesale, and business contracting for seamless accounting.

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting

Super-flexible cloud-based environment customizable as per industry-specific needs with countless benefits for non-profit businesses, retail, and professional services.

QuickBooks Add-ons Hosting

An ideal solution to make QuickBooks cloud desktop more efficient and add more power to your accounting practice by integrating your desired add-ons on the same cloud server.

QuickBooks Accountant Hosting

Inuit developed program to cater to the specific needs of professional accountants to handle various operations like navigation, invoicing, and workflow quickly and remotely.

Why Choose QBCloudServer for QuickBooks Hosting?

Never Compromise with Performance and Productivity – It Matters a Lot
    • Pioneers in QB Cloud Hosting

We are offering QuickBooks cloud hosting solutions for more than 3 years. We are associated with many global companies as a genuine and reliable hosting partner.

    • Enhanced Accessibility with Full-featured QB Version

We provide better flexibility and enhanced accessibility to your accounting practices with our full-featured QB cloud solutions in which no changes are required at the user end.

    • Dedicated Servers for Fast Speed

We have partnered with superfast SSD-based HPC server data centers based in Europe and Asia. Our hosting services are backed with 99.999% uptime for uninterrupted work.

    • Scale As Much As You Can

When you host QuickBooks Cloud version with us, you are offered the advantage of full scalability. Customize your resources the way you wish and enjoy the pay-as-you-use model.

    • No Hidden Costs, Only Low Costs

We are concerned about our client’s investments and hence we offer the most affordable QuickBooks cloud hosting solution without any hidden costs.

    • On-time Easy Upgrades

Being QB cloud hosting leaders, we offer instant upgrades to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

    • Access Your Work from Any Device

We offer cross-device compatibility so that you can access our QuickBooks cloud hosting solutions from any platform and device (desktops, laptops, and tablets) and any location.

    • Multi-tier Security

We know the importance of data and its security, thus we have partnered with HIPAA compliant and SSAE-16 certified data centers to provide you bank-like security.

    • 24×7 Prompt Support

Your satisfaction is our priority and our support team works round the clock to offer you a helping hand when in need.

QuickBooks Hosting 24/7 Help Desk Support

We are Dedicated | Committed | Concerned about Your Business Growth

When you choose QBCloudServer as your reliable QB Cloud Hosting Partner, you never need to worry about any kind of cloud hosting-related technical issues as our support team works round the clock to let you experience uninterrupted accounting practices. We believe in ‘Human-touch’ over artificial intelligence and hence minimized the use of chat boats to connect you directly with our customer service agents. Our cloud experts ensure quick resolution of your issues with the best possible solutions and the highest level of personalization. We provide phone, email & chat support with tutorials, videos, and a knowledge base to tackle your issues.

QuickBooks Hosting FAQ
Start Your QB Cloud Hosting Journey without any Doubts

Why is QuickBooks Cloud a better option than QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Cloud and QuickBooks Desktop both work the same. In the case of QuickBooks cloud, you don’t need to sit in front of a machine or reach the office to access the data or wait until the already machine gets emptied to finish your accounting-related work. Instead, you can access all your work, tools, and data on any device at any time from the place of your comfort and that is the biggest advantage of QuickBooks cloud.

Does it necessary to buy a QuickBooks license before selecting any hosting service?

Yes, it is mandatory. You need a QuickBooks license before selecting any hosting service. If you don’t understand where to buy it, get in touch with us now. We offer a genuine QuickBooks license at the most affordable price.

Does it allowed to host more than one version of QuickBooks on the same cloud server?

Yes, it is allowed. Any QB cloud hosting user can host any version of QuickBooks with any other version on the same cloud server. Without facing any performance issues, you can easily run multiple applications parallelly due to the high-performance capability of HPC servers.

Can you integrate add-ons and extensions with my hosted QuickBooks on your server?

Yes, we integrate more than 200 add-ons applications with your QuickBooks version hosted on our server to add more power to your accounting practices.

Is it allowed to access QuickBooks Cloud Desktop on Mac?

Yes, we offer cross-device compatibility for all our QuickBooks cloud hosting services that make it possible for any user to access QuickBooks Cloud Desktop on Mac (and on any other device also) using our client software or a web browser.

Can I migrate my existing data or QuickBooks software?

Yes, our support team works round the clock to help you migrate your data and QuickBooks software from your local machine to the cloud.

Is it affordable to host QuickBooks?

Yes, we offer the most affordable QuickBooks cloud hosting plans that starts at $30 per user per month. It is a more cost-effective solution than setting up your in-house IT infrastructure.

Do I need to pay for all resources offered with my QuickBooks Cloud Plan?

No, we believe in transparent business functioning and never charge you for the resources you didn’t use nor apply any hidden costs. We have implemented a pay-as-you-go model where you pay only for the resources or tools you used.