QuickBooks Canada Hosting


QuickBooks Canada Hosting

REQUEST DEMO Carry out many accounting operations with optimum performance
and high processing power
QuickBooks On-the-go
Get all your accounting tasks completed with remote access to QuickBooks Canada from any location, day or night.
99.999% Uptime
Work uninterrupted on your QuickBooks Canada with an SLA-guaranteed uptime of 99.999 percent.
On-demand Scaling
Upgrade or downgrade your hosting plans according to the needs of your business with on-demand scaling.
No IT Hassles
Host your QuickBooks Canada on cloud and be free of all hassles related to purchasing and maintaining the local hardware

QuickBooks Canada Hosting 2022/2023

Increase Productivity with Complete Data Protection and Customizable Servers

Are you looking for the best cloud accounting solution providers having data servers in Canada only? QB Cloud Server offers QuickBooks Canada Hosting with dedicated Canada- based servers to let you experience seamless and secured accounting practices. With QuickBooks Canada hosting, you can access, share, and edit your accounting data & files 24×7 anytime from anywhere. QuickBooks Canada software is the most affordable solution for small and large enterprises to enjoy quality cloud-hosting services.

  •  Competitive pricing, starting from $27 per user per month
  •  65 Days Data Backup with no additional charge.
  •  24×7 technical support via chat, phone, and email
  • We host all versions of QuickBooks US, UK, or Canadian
  •  Multi-user access Mode
  •  SAS-70 II data centers for proven data security

Best QuickBooks Canada Hosting 


When you purchase QuickBooks Canada Cloud Hosting from QB Cloud Server, you are offered the following benefits.


Icon Right And Wrong , Png Download - Right And Wrong Transparent, Png Download - kindpng Fully secured virtual desktop connections                                                Icon Right And Wrong , Png Download - Right And Wrong Transparent, Png Download - kindpng QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise Hosting

Icon Right And Wrong , Png Download - Right And Wrong Transparent, Png Download - kindpng Antivirus and malware protection                                                              Icon Right And Wrong , Png Download - Right And Wrong Transparent, Png Download - kindpng Access Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Icon Right And Wrong , Png Download - Right And Wrong Transparent, Png Download - kindpng Multi-level authentication                                                                              Icon Right And Wrong , Png Download - Right And Wrong Transparent, Png Download - kindpngExpert Technical Support from Canada

Icon Right And Wrong , Png Download - Right And Wrong Transparent, Png Download - kindpng Enterprise-grade security                                                                              Icon Right And Wrong , Png Download - Right And Wrong Transparent, Png Download - kindpngInstall any Windows Application

Icon Right And Wrong , Png Download - Right And Wrong Transparent, Png Download - kindpng 24/7 network monitoring                                                                              Icon Right And Wrong , Png Download - Right And Wrong Transparent, Png Download - kindpng  Top-tier Canadian data centers


Services offered by QB Cloud Server

  • Our motive is to satisfy the client’s needs at the lowest price with the best possible quality. We believe that our clients will get what they pay for. 
  • We offer 15 days free trials of Cloud Cloud Hosted QuickBooks without accessing your card details to make sure that our clients will see what they will pay.
  • Suppose you like the trial period, then continue with the paid hosting plans. Otherwise, feel free to contact us and share your valuable feedback with us to improve it.
  • 24/7 customer support via online chat, an email, or a call


Company Name QB Cloud Server
Hosting Service Hosted QuickBooks 
Price Starts from $27 per user per month
Remote Access  Yes, you can access your files and data from anywhere at any time.


  • Real-time cooperation: Cloud Hosted QuickBooks allows you and your team to work on the same platform for a rapid and well-organized accounting process. This saves time and effort for sharing data over different mediums. 
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery (BC & DR), an additional feature: BC & DR is another feature of Cloud Hosted QuickBooks. Even in the case of a disaster, it ensures that cloud services are available without interruption.
  • Multi-user Access: Our Cloud Hosted QuickBooks supports multiple user access along with the compatibility of cross-device operation, whether it can be a desktop, Smartphone, laptop, or anything else.
  • Data Backups: We protect along with automated backup and recovery solutions to your confidential data and files.
  • Secure and Safe: We have a multi-tier infrastructure and security methods at various levels that ensure your QuickBooks Pro data is protected against hacks, malware, and accidents.
  • Superfast Speed of access: QuickBooks Pro power up the accounting tasks with high-performance quality.
  • Affordable pricing: We offer affordable pricing for QuickBooks Hosting services. Monthly pricing starts from $ /user/month.
  • Access Anytime and Anywhere: When you are not in the office, QuickBooks Pro hosting helps you work with your accounting team by providing access to QuickBooks Pro from anywhere at any time, regardless of the time zone.
  • Soothe Integration: QuickBooks Pro hosting offers easy Integration with business applications like CRM, MS Office, Tax Apps, ERP, etc., so that you can have all the aspects and functionality and data sharing with the applications.

QuickBooks Canada Hosting Pricing 2022

Reduce Your In-house IT Expenses and Shift to Affordable Cloud Hosting

Now work simultaneously with multiple users from different locations at the most affordable price with QBCloudServer cloud hosting solutions. We are the most reliable QuickBooks Canada hosting provider that helps businesses in Canada and North America to grow without taking the heavy burden of IT infrastructure setup costs. Our cloud-hosted QuickBooks Canada software reduces the cost of ownership with trouble-free installations, highly advanced security, and customizable servers.

Our QuickBooks Canada hosting cost is all-inclusive with better security, remote access, and performance. QuickBooks Canada hosting price covers the following benefits:   

  • Cloud hosting on a dedicated server
  • Instant data backups
  • Quick updates
  • Virus protection
  • Server maintenance


Points to Consider Before Finalizing Your QuickBooks Canada Hosting Provider?

One wrong choice can ruin your business – so think smart, act smart


If you are hunting for a reliable and affordable QuickBooks Canada Hosting Provider, then you must choose cloud hosting brands that offer the following features:

  • Inuit certified and adhered to the standards set by SSAE, HIPAA, and GDPR law
  • Implements hosting architecture that aligns with your current and proposed infrastructure
  • Offers data security with end-to-end data encryption
  • Easy setup for VPN access
  • No hidden conditions for Multi-factor Authentication
  • Hosts on dedicated cloud SSD servers
  • Provides timely system updates
  • Customize your QuickBooks Canada hosting plan as per your needs and budget

QuickBooks Hosting 24/7 Help Desk Support

We are Dedicated | Committed | Concerned about Your Business Growth

When you choose QBCloudServer as your reliable QB Cloud Hosting Partner, you never need to worry about any kind of cloud hosting-related technical issues as our support team works round the clock to let you experience uninterrupted accounting practices. We believe in ‘Human-touch’ over artificial intelligence and hence minimized the use of chat boats to connect you directly with our customer service agents. Our cloud experts ensure quick resolution of your issues with the best possible solutions and the highest level of personalization. We provide phone, email & chat support with tutorials, videos, and a knowledge base to tackle your issues.

QuickBooks Canada Hosting FAQs

Start Your QB Canada Hosting Journey without any Doubts

How QuickBooks Canada hosting can help my business to grow?

QuickBooks Canada Hosting is a perfect cloud hosting solution for SMBs and large enterprises that comes with an affordable rate, easy installation & integration, speedy performance, time-saving, and complete security. These benefits help your business grow economically, technically, and securely.

Why we should choose QBCloudServer for QuickBooks Canada?

QB Cloud Server is a leading cloud hosting solutions provider that offers QuickBooks Canada at the most affordable price with unique benefits like multi-user access, multi-device access, regular data backups, timely updates, and 24/7 customer support.

What kind of security features do you offer with QuickBooks Canada?

We know the importance of data security for our clients, be it a sole practitioner or an accounting firm, we never compromise while offering a secure cloud environment. We offer advanced security features like 256-bit data encryption, IDS/IPS, multi-factor authentication, and enterprise-grade firewalls.

How your customer support team helps QuickBooks Canada Customers?

We have 3+ years of experience in cloud hosting. Our team is expert in guiding you to the best affordable solutions based on your business requirements along with prompt 24/7 support.

Which Versions of QuickBooks Canada do you host?

We offer the best cloud hosting services and host all versions of QuickBooks Canada – Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Accountant, including the latest 2019 edition.

QuickBooks Canada is only for businesses settled in Canada, is it right?

No, QuickBooks Canada is a cloud hosted QuickBooks that allows any business to access it without any geographical barriers. It only means all your server files are stored in a secure Canadian data center.

Do you offer third-party apps/add-ons to add more power to my QuickBooks Canada?

Yes, we offer 200+ add-ons that can be seamlessly integrated with your QuickBooks Canada to make your accosting faster and more secure.

Do you provide any special discount for QuickBooks Canada Hosting?

To check our ongoing offers and special discounts, click here to save a lot of money.

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